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We will buy Your car

Without even knowing a single thing about the car you wish to sell us, we already know for certain that we will be able to make you a fair and reasonable offer. At Cash for Cars Santa Monica, we advertise to our clients and customers that we buy any car, truck, or SUV in any condition. All you have to do is call us at (310) 574-2212 and we’ll give you a free, no obligation valuation. We’ll even make an offer that will be hard to refuse!

Buyers on the private market are hard to find. You need to place a ton of expensive ads and spend valuable time trying to sell the vehicle. Then, when you finally do get somebody to show it to, they’re extremely picky about the condition, and they will always try to bargain. At Cash for Cars Santa Monica, we aren’t picky in the least bit! Let us show you what we mean.


We’ll make an offer on your newer and barely used vehicle, instantly over the phone, in our hassle free and convenient process of valuation. You could have the cash as early as today!


We’ll buy your used and past its prime commute or school car. Doesn’t matter what condition it’s in, or how many miles it has on it, we’ll make you a fair and honest offer on it instantly!


Your old work truck. It’s probably beat up beyond the point of recognition, inside and out! That’s okay, though! We buy any car, truck, or SUV in any condition!


Even your junk or scrap car! Say it’s been sitting for years or you’ve used all of its useful parts. No problem! We’ll come by and pick it up at no cost to you! We’ll even give you cash for the beast! (We do not buy burned cars, unfortunately.)

Junk and scrap cars

Considering the fact that we are even willing to buy junk and scrap cars, it’s safe to say that we will buy whatever you have to offer. We will even pay for towing if your car doesn’t work! We pride ourselves on being able to extract value from any car, truck, or SUV in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. So just give us a call at (310) 574-2212 now and receive a free valuation and offer on your vehicle with same day pick up and payment! Always cash!

What Customers Are Saying

"I had a great experience with this company, fast, fair and honest. They bought my truck the
same day that I called and even came and picked it up. Paid in cash, can’t complain. "